About Srdjan Ilic 

Born July 25, 1966 in Belgrade. Attended studies of geology at Belgrade University.

Started in photojournalism in 1984 as a photographer in “Politika” daily.

Joined The Associated Press (AP) in Belgrade in 1990.

Assignments for the Associated Press (AP):


Covered attempted coup in Russia and was nominated for Pulitzer Prize with rest of AP staff. Also covered ethnic conflicts in Moldova, events in the Middle East during Gulf war. Has been arrested and expelled from Baghdad, Iraq, in the eve of Kuwait invasion. Covered also influct of refugees from Iraq, refugee crisis in Jordan, massive earthquake in Iran, refugees crisis in Kurdistan.


On June 27 suffered head wound while covering clashes in brief war in Slovenia.


Extensively covered wars in Croatia especially siege of the town of Vukovar, and war in Bosnia including siege of Sarajevo, implementation of Dayton Peace agreement, deployment of  NATO peacekeepers to Bosnia, and U.S President Clinton's visit to US troops in Hungary and Bosnia.


Covered massive anti-Slobodan Milosevic protests and riots. Uprising in Albania after fall of pyramidal schemes.


On October 1 1998 appointed The Associated Press chief photo editor for Yugoslavia, based in Belgrade.


Extensive coverage of Kosovo conflict. Wounded twice in clashes between Serbia's security forces and ethnic Albanian KLA-Kosovo Liberation Army. Covered bombing of Belgrade, Kosovo and elsewhere in Serbia during 78-day NATO air-campaign against Serbia.


Covered fall, arrest and extradition of former President Slobodan Milosevic, ethnic conflicts and deployment of NATO peacekeeping forces in Macedonia and various political, military, economy and sport events in Macedonia and Serbia.Visit of Pope John Paul II in Bosnia and Bulgaria, ethnic Albanian uprising in southern Serbia's Presevo Valley. Water Polo world championship. Elections in Serbia.


Covered assassination of Serbia's prime minister Zoran Djindjic and subsequent political crisis after the assassination. Death and funeral of Macedonia's President in a plane crash, presidential elections in Serbia, presidential elections in Macedonia, trial for organized crimes and assassination of prime minister Zoran Djindjic. Various political, economy, and sport events in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia including Formula One races in Hungary.


Covered various sport events including tennis Davis Cup matches of Serbian team, floods in northern Serbia, European Volleyball Championship, European Basketball Championship, bird flu counter-measures in Serbia and Romania


Covered Referendum on Montenegro’s independence and split from Serbia. U.S President George W. Bush visit to Europe, European Water polo championship


Covered parliamentary elections in Serbia, European Table Tennis Championship, UEFA Cup and Champions League soccer matches in the region.


Covered Kosovo independence, Presidential elections in Serbia, Presidential election in Montenegro, Eurovision song contest 2008, arrest of war crime suspect Radovan Karadzic. World Cup 2010 qualifier matches in the region.


World’s Men Handball Championship, tennis Fed Cup Serbia vs Japan, parliamentary elections in Montenegro, U.S Vice-President Joe Biden European tour, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visit to Serbia. World Cup 2010 qualifier matches in the region.

Free-lance photographer since January 2010, based in Belgrade, Serbia.


On February 15 2012 named Director of  photography at Tanjug, Serbian national news agency.

Since March 1 2016 photographer in Pixsell photo agency and photo editor in Insajder Produkcija.

Sinc February 2021 contract photographer for UNICEF

Married, and father of two children.